Woodmoor Real Estate

Monument Colorado, near Pike National Forest and in the Tri-Lakes area, Woodmoor is a well-established community with extensive opportunities to experience Colorado rural living.  With luxury homes and the vibrant Woodmoor Barn Community Center, homeowners can enjoy abundant sunshine, common areas for outdoor activities and the Country Club at Woodmoor andKing’s Deer Golf Club and Resort.  Woodmoor is a community encompassing approximately 2,000 acres of land with fifty-one miles of roadway serving approximately 9,000+ residents. Established in 1971, Woodmoor is close to built-out with homes on most of the approximately 2972 lots.

Woodmoor is managed by the Woodmoor Improvement Association (WIA), which is governed by a 9-member elected volunteer board of directors. Annual fees are currently set at $248.25 per lot, and are limited by covenants to a maximum annual increase of 3%. The primary use of those fees is Woodmoor Public Safety (WPS), an 8-person professionally-trained and highly-experienced force that works closely with local law enforcement and emergency services to provide rapid response to resident calls and contributes to Woodmoor’s very low crime rate.  In addition, the WIA office enforces Woodmoor covenants, maintains and supports Woodmoor’s extensive and varied common areas, manages Woodmoor’s award-winning Forestry and Firewise program, and provides an array of other services to the people of Woodmoor.

While most of the lots in Woodmoor are single-family homes, Woodmoor also includes several townhome developments with their own homeowners associations (HOAs). These townhome associations enjoy the full benefits of WPS protection and access to WIA services and commons areas as well as the benefits of their own HOAs.

A thirty to forty minute drive to the north or south enables homeowners to enjoy all the arts, entertainment and shopping experiences afforded by Denver and Colorado Springs.  At this high point near Palmer Divide residents can enjoy Woodmoor Lake while gazing upon the magnificent Rocky Mountains.

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