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How a Home Office Increases Appeal to Home Buyers More Now Than Ever

home office appeal

A home office can add significant appeal to a home, especially in the eyes of millennial buyers and people who work from home. Read on to learn why home offices intrigue modern buyers and discover some ways you can optimize your home office to raise eyebrows for all the right reasons.

It provides a space to work from home. The gig economy has combined with modern technology to produce a growing remote workforce. A home office gives buyers a separate space where they can telecommute and get timely projects done. A home office is also attractive to buyers who have hobbies that center on writing, coding, and other computer work. 

It provides a place for storage. Even if a buyer doesn’t work remotely, a home office provides a convenient central space for records, files, computers and necessary activities, such as family scheduling and bill paying. Even if they use it infrequently buyers tend to appreciate having a home office where they can store documents, paperwork, and other essential items. If the office incorporates cabinets, built-in shelves, bookcases, or a closet, it can provide additional storage space in a home. It can also provide display space for awards, collectibles, books, and artwork.

It isolates work and administrative clutter. A home office also gets computers, desks, and clutter out of other living spaces, such as bedrooms, kitchens and dining areas. If the office is equipped with a door, it can be sealed off from noise and distractions, while keeping administrative clutter out of sight. 

Children have a place to study. A home office can provide a quiet sanctuary where school-aged children have space for studying. Students can complete their work without interruption, and the rest of the family doesn’t have to worry about disturbing them with television, music, or conversation.

It helps parents supervise their kids. These days, children are exposed to dangers and inappropriate content anytime they explore the internet. When tablets and computers are kept in a central point, it’s easier for parents to track browsing history and enforce screen time limits. A home office allows parents to monitor technology more effectively and keep children safe from online predators.

Tips for Creating a Home Office

Once you recognize the appeal of a home office, it’s clear why it can help attract interest from buyers. To make your office more attractive, however, it’s best to optimize your space so it doesn’t just look like a small spare room or tiny uninspiring nook. Depending on your available space, consider the following tips:

home office design tipsDesignate the right space. Distractions are among the worst frustrations for people working from home. To pique interest in buyers, you want to create an atmosphere that’s conducive to creativity and professionalism. If your property is large enough to accommodate an entire room dedicated to work, a home office could pique interest in older professionals and millennial buyers envisioning comfortable, productive days working from home. If not, consider establishing a semi-private area where buyers can picture themselves talking on the phone, using a computer and storing important documents.

Embrace the sunshine. Instead of putting a home office desk in a dark, isolated corner, try sliding it closer to a window. Buyers will appreciate being able to take in the scenery during the workday. Be sure to include lamps so buyers can envision themselves working in the evening. 

Keep things impersonal. Help buyers envision themselves working in the home office by removing anything overly personal, such as photos and children’s artwork. 

Spruce things up. If your home office has empty space, consider adding a floor plant. If the space seems drab, pair the plant with a nice colorful container. 

Make it comfortable. If your home office is large enough, consider adding a comfortable space that inspires creativity. Add a coffee table, chair and colorful throw at least a few feet away from the desk. This can help intrigue buyers who appreciate having a quiet inspiring space where they can relax and brainstorm during the workday. 

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