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Let Those Old Toys Go….

Let Those Old Toys Go…..

If you have kids, then you understand how their stuff can collect in your home even after they’re grown. A few examples might be your child’s first Christmas toy, Halloween costume, or picture of their first finger turkey from kindergarten. Whether it’s toys or art, as sentimental as they are, these items turn into clutter very quickly. Here are a few of the top things hanging around you can get rid of and a few tips to let go and declutter your home.

Get Rid Of Favorite Old Toys

How do you let go of the toy? Well, it’s easy if it’s been collecting dust and hasn’t seen the light of day in many years. If you’re like many parents when it comes time to purge, you can also ask yourself these three questions.

Do I have more than one of these?
Why am I holding onto this?
Would someone like it/use it more than we do?

After answering the questions, if you confirm your feelings that it’s time to go, then go for it. Try donating some of these toys to a local pre-school.

Old Costumes

Surely there’s some sentimental value to a lot of these things, especially when it comes to old Halloween costumes. However, if it’s been sitting in a closet or at the bottom of a bin, maybe someone else might find it useful. Try sending them to a consignment shop. You still have the pictures for the memories.

Old Children’s Books

Chances are you still have some old children’s books on a shelf. And odds are your kids aren’t beginner readers anymore. If your kids have grown past this state of reading, it’s time to let them go. An easy way to take care of these old books is to donate them to your local library or bring them to your local Goodwill store.

Those are just a few of the items cluttering up closets, rooms, and basements of many parents. Donating to someone who can really use these items will help you feel better about decluttering.


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