Annette and Brian Erdmann Monument, CO

Wheaton’s team abilities to make a cross country move from Colorado to Connecticut as simple as possible for us is an understatement. In one interview it was clear that Wheaton’s team was going to hit the ground running for us, take care of working with various contractors since we had already relocated to Connecticut, and use our time as efficiently as possible when we were in Colorado for limited amounts of time. Using her guidance for the prep work that needed to be done to get our home on the market, taking advantage of her contractor contacts, and moving at the speed of light to make our house ready to sell, it sold in 7 hours!!! This is evidence of great advice from Wheaton’s team and proactive efforts on Wheaton’s team part to find potential buyers. Of course we will miss Colorado, but we hope to return in 5 years and we will definitely use Wheaton’s team again as our realtor!