Gwynne & Margaret Williams

We are extremely pleased with the success of the sale of our home on Higby Estates. The sale was accomplished within an very short time, taking only 6 days from launch to be under contract, and this amidst a slow market such as is being experienced in the spring of 2011! The success is a testament to the high quality and thorough approach from the Wheaton Team. We interviewed three candidate Realtors before deciding on the Wheatons. The factors in that decision were: • A consistent and solid approach to the pricing of the property. • A well prepared website presence, including both a photographic virtual tour, and the “interactive layout” tool that tied the photographs to the room plan. This really helps people to appreciate the appearance and flow of the property layout. • Very personable, friendly, and clear communications in all aspects with ourselves, their clients, and the prospective property buyers and their respective realtor agents. • A solid reasoning for the timing of the market launch, and the pricing to bracket as many “search engine” enquiries as possible. • As the sale progressed to successful closure, we subsequently experienced the team depth to cover the detail of the many aspects including property survey, corrective actions, paperwork etc. The whole cycle, market launch to closure, was accomplished in a remarkable 34 business (M-F) days. We strongly recommend the Wheaton Team.