Steve & Marsha

Dear Wheaton Team,

We want to share our wonderful experience with your agent, Kristin Dionne, as we moved from the East Coast to Monument, CO. Making this move was stressful, as you can imagine, but Kristin made it so much easier for us. She was always available to take our calls, assisted us as our “on-scene agent ” throughout the building of our new home, stopping by to check on the progress, answering so many questions we had, taking pictures weekly and sharing them with us. She was with us for every walkthrough, every change that was made, and was our representative at closing.

Her warmt h, dedication, and support were so helpful in easing our concerns about this process. We began to feel as if she was a good friend who was just a phone call away.

In the midst of all this, she had a major life change happening in her personal life, adopting precious Anna. We were honored to go through this process from a distance and so thrilled to meet Anna after we moved in our new home. Kristin never left us without a reliable contact when she was out of the count ry. We never felt abandoned . On the contrary, we wish everyone could have the professionalism, compassion, support, and caring that is Kristin .

We highly recommend Kristin Dionne to anyone looking to buy/sell a home . They will not be disappointed…in  fact; they will beso very glad they did.


Steve & Marsha