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Tri-Lakes & El Paso County Report Feb. 2018

Tri Lakes Chamber Report From February 1, 2018


Town of Palmer Lake John Cressman the mayor spoke and Chris Lowe the town manager for Monument, and El Paso County Commissioners Stan VanderWerf, and Darryl Glenn.


Colorado Springs and Monument are no longer a secret. We are booming!  


* There were 334 new single family home permits in 2017, in El Paso county.


* The town of Monument had 184 single family home starts in 2017.  They predict a 7% increase in the population next year.  As we know people are coming down from Denver and Castle Rock as you can get a bigger, nicer house for a lot less money and pay less taxes, and have a high quality of life!  


* Passing of the Ballot measure last year allows them to invest millions in infrastructure, 1.5 mil for parks, I million for disaster recovery.  


* The largest manufacturer of Tiny homes is in Colorado Springs and they are now going to be allowed to have tiny homes in mobile home or rv parks, and do tiny home developments, or apply to have a tiny home as a secondary residence on a property for a mother in law type situation.  


* Working on plans to improve Highway 105 to Highway 83, Struthers and Gleneagle intersections and  improving safety on Monument Hill.   Working on the I-25 corridors and improving commercial and industrial space.  


* A walking bridge over the rail road tracks in Palmer Lake has been approved.  


* Feb 24th they are going to have a Winterfest in Palmer Lake, with a bon fire and ice skating.  


* The town of Palmer Lake received a water grant to assist with water concerns there.


* Starting an Elephant Rock open space park.


* Growth is coming on strong but they are wanting to manage it to still have the charming small town feel we have now in Monument.  


* Predictions are that El Paso County will rival Denver by 2040.


* 665,000 vehicles registered in El Paso county up 14% since 2012.  


* There is $617 million in new investments in Downtown Colorado Springs.  


* Over 600 new units in pipeline for Downtown Colorado Springs.    


* US Olympic Museum coming in2019.


* Bike sharing is coming to Colorado Springs!


 * Working on getting the grant to widen 125 between Castle Rock and Monument it still has not been determined yet if it will be a toll lane or not.

    Please voice your opinions to elected officials and go to meetings and make your voice heard.


* The Tri-Lake Chamber has had over 1 million website hits.

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